Kind Words …

March 7, 2019

Tyler and Theresa,

I felt compelled to reach out to you guys again and thank you for the infant and child CPR session. I cannot explain how much my confidence, as well as my husbands, has risen. 

We did a lot of research and self-trained videos, when we decided to begin a baby led weaning journey with our six month old twins. The whole idea is letting the infant feed them self, which made meal time nerve wracking for me especially. I can now thank you both for giving me the last tool I needed to trust my baby and myself, in an emergency situation. 

I needed the feedback and my questions answered, something I couldn’t get from self-teaching. They really enjoy mealtime and it was a shame I couldn’t enjoy it with them before our virtual session. Again, thank you thank you!

I have to add, Tyler your great at what you do! I thought it was going to be awkward as we have never done anything like this before... but you absolutely made it comfortable and enjoyable! You guys make a great team and for your first virtual session...  you guys killed it!!!! :-) it’s really great what you guys are doing! Many children are safe because of you both! ️

The fact that I did this training at home...during nap time... was amazing within itself. But what I gained in one short hour was priceless! 

Thanks again,

From the Whole Wadman Family 

Earlier this year my husband and I welcomed our first child into this world. When I found out that we were expecting - like many other expectant mom's I glowingly rushed to the bookstore to stock up on all the parenting books I could get my hands on. The thing I discovered now that our little bundle of joy is here and thriving - those books are essentially useless. I still found myself googling, and panicking and having more questions than I started with. So during my searches I stumbled across a class for Infant + Child CPR. I can’t thank the stars enough for putting this class in my path. I feel much more confident that if (heaven forbid) a situation calls or the skills - I can effectively use them . It had been some time since my last first aid class and as a first time mom - the information was so important. It was a great class for me and the little one to visit and I would recommend this class to everyone. Parents - Yes Dads, that means you too - grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters. It can literally change a life.

Thank you again for facilitating such a fantastic class. The goody bags sure make an extra special appreciated right in the feels touch. Theresa you were lovely and warm - making the scary subject much fussier and I feel it makes the information easier to absorb. Keep up the amazing work!

Forever Grateful,

Kirstyn and Lainey