Infant+Child CPR Fact Sheet

Choking maneuver performed on an infant (Less than 1 year old)

Immediately begin providing care for choking.  Call EMS/911 as soon as you or a bystander is able to do so

  1. Sit or kneel with the baby face down along your forearm, holding the jaw in your hand but keeping the mouth clear.

  2. Deliver 5 firm back blows.

  3. If the object does not come out, flip the baby face up, ensuring you support the head.

  4. Place 2 fingers in the middle of the chest and deliver 5 firm chest compressions.

  5. Repeat the back blows and chest compressions until the object comes out or the baby begins to breath normally or cry.

  6. If the baby becomes unresponsive, immediately begin CPR, starting with chest compressions.

CPR performed on an infant (Less than 1 year old)

Have someone call EMS/911and get an AED. If you are alone, do 5 cycles (2 minutes) of CPR before taking the child or baby with you to call EMS/911 and get an AED.

1.  Do 30 chest compressions:

  • Put 2 fingers in the centre of the baby’s chest, just below the nipple line.

  • Push deeply and steadily, allowing the chest to recoil between compressions

2.  Give 2 breaths:

  • Open the airway.

  • Place your mouth over the baby’s mouth and nose.

  • Give just enough air to make the chest start to rise.

3.  Repeat the cycle of 30 compressions and 2 breaths.

Once you begin CPR, continue until:

  • EMS personnel or another person takes over.

  • You are too tired to continue, or the scene becomes unsafe.

  • You notice an obvious sign of life, such as movement.

*Disclaimer ~ “Emergent & Important Contact Matters” outlined in this document are provided as a partial list of resources that may be available to you. Always use your best judgement or advice from your family physician when choosing your best course of action. Techniques outlined above are in accordance with The Heart & Stroke Foundation guidelines. Bump+Baby Matters Inc. cannot guarantee that the use of such techniques will prevent personal injury or loss of life.


Updated March 2019