Our Story

Bump+Baby Matters inception started back in the Spring of 2014. It was a desire to help local families gain life-saving skills for their unborn and newborn infants that this journey began.  We were astounded how many families had either never taken an infant CPR course, or simply did not have the time, funds or childcare to do so.  So, we set out to see what options there were.   To our dismay, there were not many options, and most involved a restrictive schedule that didn't allow for baby to attend.  This was just unacceptable to us!  So we reached out to a couple of local business owners and asked for their help to bring a free class to local families.  This free class would help families receive invaluable education.  Overwhelmingly we were flooded with local support to make it happen! And so it began, hosting one class, and then another and another ...  


Fast forward to Spring 2016, with the help of some very supportive local businesses, we were offering 12-16 classes each month - in 6 different cities!  Say what?! We were able to provide hundreds of families with the tools to help prevent and or save their child's life each and every month!  How incredible is this? How amazing are the local businesses that have become our community partners to support such an initiative?! There is something to be said for the power of community; we couldn't do this without them!


Want to know what else surprised us? The families attending these classes wanted more! They wanted tools and tips and tricks, they wanted to learn about new ways of parenting and they wanted to connect with other professionals and experts. We happily facilitate many different offerings, we are not the experts, but we sure know a lot of em! 

Our mission is to ...

connect, educate and empower!

It is what drives us each and every day, and it guides us in everything that we do. From who we collaborate with, to which offerings we have. Our goal is to find resources that add value to the lives of the families we serve. This connection of family to a community of local resources is what led us to launch Bump+Baby Matters ... and we are so happy that you have found us!