Why is there no "Reserve Now" button next to the Pop Up that I  want to attend?

  • It means that this particular Pop Up has reached max capacity, no further reservations will be allowed. Please scroll down further on the page for future dates.

Do I have to stay for any duration?

  • Our Pop Ups are exactly that, a Pop Up. We are given space for a limited time at the venue to distribute rewards. Nothing else is happening at that time. We do our very best to keep lineups to a minimum, but please note that attending right at the beginning of the Pop Up will likely mean you will be in a lineup. Feel free to attend at anytime between the Pop Up start time and finish time.

Can I come at a date/time that is different from what is listed?

  • Sorry, no. Pop Ups are held at venues that donate space to us, we are only there during the listed date/time.

Is a screen shot of my Confirmation ID # acceptable?

  • Absolutely!

If I cannot make it to the Pop Up, can I send someone on my behalf to pick up my reward?

  • Absolutely! Simply give them your Confirmation ID #.

How do I obtain my Confirmation ID #?

Must I have a Completion ID #?

  • Yes! You will not be given your reward if you do not have this.

What is the reward?

  • Every reward from The Baby Box Co. includes a comfy safe sleep bag for your baby to use during sleep time. This eliminates loose bedding in their sleep environment, helping to keep them sleeping safely. Also included is are samples and/or coupons. Items contained within will vary based on current inventory available at The Baby Box Co. distribution centre. We do not control, nor have any influence on what is included. If you have a concern with the content or reward itself, please share that directly with The Baby Box Co. by clicking HERE

If you were not able to find the answer to your question above and require further assistance please click HERE and we will happily assist you!