Welcome to our Baby Box Community Events Page

for Uxbridge, Ontario!


Follow the steps below to reserve your Baby Box at an upcoming Community Event

1) Set time zone to (GMT-5:00) Eastern Time - Toronto

2) Select the upcoming Community Event date (you will see the most current event listed as an option)

3) Complete the online reservation form

4)Check your email for the confirmation email, this contains instructions on the final step in claiming your Free Baby Box

Please do not contact the venue directly, if you have any questions check out the FAQ section below

If need further assistance please send us an email by clicking HERE and we will happily assist you

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does the calendar not show any dates options?

  • This means that we are finalizing the details of our next Community Event in this particular City. We will have future dates posted as soon as possible. You can check back at a later date, choose another City, or follow us on Facebook HERE to stay informed of all upcoming events.

Why does the calendar only show one time option?

  • The time option is always the start time of the event. You can come at anytime during the event. The event hours are shown in the event description window. For example, the delivery window notification looks like this "*PICK UP IS ANYTIME BETWEEN 1pm-4pm*".

How long do I have to stay at the event for?

  • You are not required to stay at the event for any duration. Simply come and pick up your box during the specified pick up window and leave with your Baby Box.

Can I come at a time/date that is different from what the calendar options are?

  • Our Community Events are scheduled on a specific date with a specific pick up window as the space is donated to us. Therefore, we are unable to accommodate alternate pick up days or times.

Is a screen shot of my Baby Box University Completion Certificate acceptable?

  • Absolutely!

If I cannot make it to the event, can I send someone on my behalf to pick up my Baby Box?

  • Absolutely! You will need to give the person claiming your Baby Box a copy of your Baby Box University Completion Certificate. A screenshot or hardcopy are both acceptable. 

How do I obtain my Baby Box University Completion Certificate?

  • You will be emailed detailed instructions on how to complete this portion as soon as you have reserved your Baby Box.

Do I have to have my Baby Box University Completion Certificate?

  • Yes! You will not be given a Baby Box if you do not have this.

What is included in the Baby Box?

  • Every Baby Box includes a firm mattress, waterproof cover, cotton fitted sheet and a zippered bag that contains a few items for your newborn. Items contained within the zippered bag will vary depending on the current inventory available at The Baby Box Co. distribution centre. We do not control, nor have any influence on what is included. We simply distribute the Baby Boxes that are given to us to local expectant and new parents. If you have a concern regarding the content or Baby Box itself, please share that directly with The Baby Box Co. by clicking HERE

Why do the Baby Boxes no longer come with lids?

"The Baby Box Co. is no longer producing the lids for the community boxes as feedback has been that the lids are not used by the majority of our families. This new approach cuts down the costs of the box manufacturing which enables us to produce more boxes and serve even more families. We offer lids for purchase through our e-commerce site for parents who do wish to ultimately use their Baby Box for keepsake storage  https://www.babyboxco.com/collections/accessories/products/baby-box-lid "