Are you expecting, or have a child 3 years of age of younger? Are you feeling anxious about the common fears that todays parents face? Then this workshop is for YOU!  Join us for this specialized 1hr and 45min workshop.  Our team provides a relaxed, intimate group setting that addresses common medical and emergent issues that you and your little one could be faced with. You’ll get concise, practical information while practicing your skills with individualized attention so you can gain the confidence you need.  This workshop is instructed by Red Cross Training Partner, Every Day Heroes.

Workshop content includes:

  • Choking skills for infants AND toddlers
  • CPR for infants AND toddlers
  • What is SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and why learning safe sleeping practices could help to prevent the unimaginable
  • Crib Safety, keeping baby safe by learning new legislations
  • Calling for help: when, how and who is the appropriate resource 
  • How to seek reliable, evidence based information about your child’s health
  • How to select a Dayhome that meets industry and Government standards
  • Preventing accidents
  • Tips and tricks for childproofing your home
  • Administering medications to your child, including epi pen protocol
  • Mental health first aid for stressful events in the life of a toddler, and forthe adults in their life
  • Building a home first aid kit
  • At home wound care for common types of injuries, including burns
  • All class participants leave with a child safety document which includes critical contact numbers
  • and more! 

Join us for this community based class that focuses on building capacity, making connections, and sharing knowledge. This workshop is specifically designed for expectant/new parents, grandparents, and caregiver.  As always, babes in arms are welcome to attend.  This workshop does not provide certification.  

In keeping with our commitment to educate AND to give back to our community, we are excited to present every class participant with a $20 Ella Bella gift card (can be used instore or online!) AND a $50 Cotton & Lace Photography gift card.  A token of appreciation from these two wonderful businesses for taking the step to educate yourself and to be prepared ... it could save a life.